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Hi, I'm Melissa- a creative force.


I’m a constant doodler, a graphic designer, and I'm obsessed with vintage motorcycles. I also dabble in cooking. I've got a handful of dynamic interests, but if there's one thing that defines me, it's my enthusiasm for creativity. Don't let the playfulness of my personal work fool you—I'm a goal-oriented individual with a proven track record of hard work. Passion drives me to pursue what I love, and I’m enjoying every step of the journey.


My career journey began at San Diego State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. From the moment I first turned on a computer, my love for art led me to the world of graphics. Post-graduation, I focused on apparel design, using fabric as my canvas, which fueled my creativity and deepened my fascination with fashion.


I've had the privilege of working for reputable companies, where my curiosity and desire to learn have allowed me to explore various job functions within my field. I thrive on gaining knowledge through experience, constantly evolving as an artist, graphic designer, and all-around creative force.

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